148. Ben谈到和Matt一起去纽约试镜(2007)

我们十几岁时,比如Matt16,我14,我们会一起去纽约参加试镜。我们会坐火车,有时也坐飞机,那时有Eastern Shuttle和People’s Express,机票大概20刀,还能在飞机上抽烟。我们抽得像个傻X,因为我们觉得自己真的长大了。很可怜了。

149. Ben谈到找到Matt这样的朋友(2007)




150. Ben和Matt在学校的朋友AaronStockard回忆他们一起为剑桥的JanusMovie电影院打工



148. Ben Affleck on travelling to NewYork with Matt Damon(2007)

When we were teenagers, like Matt was16 and I was 14, we’d go together down to New York City to audition. We’d takethe train. Or sometimes we’d even take the airplane, back when there was theEastern Shuttle or People’s Express. It cost like $20 to fly and you couldsmoke on the plane. We were smoking like idiots because we thought we werereally supposed to be grown-up. It was pitiful.

149. Ben on finding a friend inMatt(2007)

Matt gave acting a framework, an integrationinto the social hierarchy at school. As a teenager, the natural thing is tohave friends who have common interests and so you fit together seamlessly.Before Matt, I was by myself. Acting was a solo activity where I’d just go offand do something, act in a little TV show or something, and no one understoodit. None of the other kids knew what it was I did, how it worked, oranything. 

All of a sudden I had this friend,Matt, and he gets it and wants to do it and thinks it’s interesting and wantsto talk about it. Soon both of us are doing it.

150. Aaron Stockard, a school friend ofboth Matt and Ben, recalls their time as employees of the Janus Movie Theatrein Cambridge, MA

Ben got fired for being late all thetime. In a show of support, Matt stormed in and quit as well. Manual labor wasn’ttheir thing. I think they figured that out early.




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