151. Matt这么形容Ben(2000)


152. Matt谈到《心灵捕手》提名奥斯卡的可能(1998)

Ben和我根本没谈过这件事。我想是因为在我们内心深处都真的渴望能被提名。我们两个都不是执着地想成为编剧,然而与此同时,我们却可能在这一领域一起被提名。我不在乎我们是不是会被提名最佳傻瓜(Best Morons),因为我想,好吧,我是和Ben一起被提名,那太酷了。如果你把我们放到一块儿,你就会得到一个有趣有才的整体,我们就像神奇双子(Wonder Twins)。

153. Matt谈到和Ben一起写作(1998)



151. Matt Damon describes BenAffleck(2000)

Ben’s really loyal and really honest,really smart, really funny. He’s got more going for him than just about anyoneI’ve ever met.

152. Matt on the possibility of Oscarnominations for Good Will Hunting(1998)

Ben and I haven’t talked about it all.Truly. I think it’s because in some deep place we really want to find out wegot nominated. Neither of us really long to be screenwriters, but at the sametime, that would be a category in which we’d be nominated together. I don’tcare if we were nominated for Best Morons, because I’d think, Well, I gotnominated with Ben, and that’s pretty cool…. If you put us together, you mightactually make a whole, creative, interesting individual. We’re a lot like theWonder Twins.

153. Matt on writing with Ben(1998)

We’re pretty inseparable, in terms ofour experiences. We look at things in exactly the same way. It wasn’t likesomeone was good at structure and someone at dialogue. The only differencebetween us is Ben can type.




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